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This page contains Frequently Asked Questions they are often asked on Reddit, the Steam Community, YouTube Comment Sections, and anywhere in particular.

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FAQ from the Official Developer Home Page[edit | edit source]

Can be found on this page Developers FAQ.

How Do I Breed Rabbits?[edit | edit source]

Rabbits have a 10% chance to breed each time the player sleep when there are 2 to 4 rabbits in a cage. For more info, check the Rabbit page.

TIP: If you really want the rabbits to breed, save before sleeping and keep reloading until those rabbits breed.

What Does The Red Paint Do?[edit | edit source]

Red Paint can make cannibals more passive towards the player, they will also sometimes prayer to the player. Though it doesn't work always. It is suspected if the player is too hostile towards cannibals i.e. killing them or cutting down too many trees, the effect of red paint diminishes. For more info, check the Red Paint page.

What Do Effigies Do?[edit | edit source]

When effigies are lit, it can make cannibals more passive towards the player or scare off the cannibals. Though it doesn't always work. It is suspected that if the player is too hostile towards cannibals i.e. killing them or cutting down too many trees, the effect of effigies diminishes.

How Do I Remove Tree Stumps?[edit | edit source]

Hit Tree Stumps with a weapon until they break. Your weapon damage determines how many hits they require.

TIP: They cannot grow back without the use of console commands or mods.

How Do I Grow Back Tree Stumps?[edit | edit source]

To grow back tree stumps you will need to use console commands or mods.

How Do I Kill Mutants?[edit | edit source]

First of all, try not to panic! Mutants have much higher health than cannibals, they also hurt you A LOT more. They take a lot more damage before they go down though they will eventually die. Using a crafted bow or a modern bow is one of the easiest ways to kill them as you can keep your distance. Fire is an effective way also, use Molotovs or Fire Arrows. Mutants won't run away from bombs, so they can be a good option also. Traps are also a good way. Practice and you may find a way that suits you best.

Are the packs of wandering natives that circle the plane ridiculously OP or is my game just derping? Also, why are so many near the starting zone?[edit | edit source]

Yes, they are OP, because the devs made them like that. They are supposed to be strong to put a sense of fear into the players to make them choose how they survive on the island. Most of the cannibals wandering around are just scouting parties. The Plane did make a lot of noise crashing down so it makes sense that they come to investigate.

How can I fight the cannibals effectively?[edit | edit source]

Fire and traps are pretty effective ways in dealing with the cannibals.

How can I contribute to the wiki?[edit | edit source]

Read the introduction and learn some basics about text editing before getting started. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask anybody from the community or simply leave your comment in the wiki's discussion page.

How do I upload a picture or screenshot?[edit | edit source]

You can simply click on Upload file, which can be found on the left side under "Tools". Always make sure to follow these steps before uploading any file:

  • The important aspect should be visible and not too dark or hidden behind something else.
  • Images should always be cut to a proper size and show the important things only.
  • Files should be given a name so it's easier to find them via the search function.
  • You need to enter {{Copyright Game}} if it's a screenshot or any file from the official homepage. There's also an option to choose different licenses by clicking on "Licensing".
  • Add a category to any uploaded file to make it easy to find duplicates and keep a good structure. Categories for images can be found here.