Ethical Scientist Magazine

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Ethical Scientist Magazine
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Ethical Scientist Magazine
Also known as
Ethical Scientist
Added in
Item type
Sahara Laboratory Children's Ward
Obtained through
Stores in Survival Guide
Max. Stack

The Ethical Scientist Magazine is a story item found in the children's ward of Sahara Laboratory (formerly deep within Cave 6, in the same room as the keycard). When the player discovers it, he will first examine it before adding it to the notes section of the survival guide. It prominently features the resurrection obelisk along with the question "Can this device bring back the dead?". One important (and unanswered) question is how the magazine got a picture of the obelisk to begin with.

Theories[edit | edit source]

1) A rogue scientist from Sahara (possibly Dr. Cross himself) went public about the existence of the resurrection obelisk. Nobody would take him seriously, so it could only be published in a "loony" magazine (which also suggests the lunar landing was faked, so it isn't the most reputable source of information). This could explain why Sahara shut down the lab so quickly, though a mutant uprising could also explain that.

2) As a "loony" magazine, they publish pseudo-science regularly, so showing the resurrection obelisk is similar to showing a fake Bigfoot. An artist simply drew a recreation.

Update history[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
V1.0 Moved to Sahara Laboratory.

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