Custom Stairs

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Custom Stairs
Custom Stairs
Added in
Building Type
Simple Stairs
As the name suggests
Can be used as ramps for Log Sleds
Can be used as bridges
When leading to doorways, if too high it can block the doorway
Buildable on
Most surfaces
some Boats

Custom stairs are custom buildings that were added in update v0.18 of The Forest.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Due to the flexible nature of the custom stairs, they can be used as bridges, custom house building, reaching hard to reach areas, reaching doorways on door ways, ramps for Log Sleds, and much more.

Be careful placing custom stairs on door ways. If it is too high, they can block the door from opening and closing.

Building[edit | edit source]


There is a non custom version of stairs called the simple stairs. They can be more affordable though they have a set height and are not custom:


Known Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • It should be noted that what the stairs look like while still in blueprint form, and what they actually look like when finished, can change rather drastically; and that "straight" stairs may also go horribly wonky, almost looking as if damaged
  • It should also be noted that the supporting poles of the custom stairs will often in multiplayer extend to the ground for clients, going through anything in it's way

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v0.72 Stairs & dock can now be removed with the hole cutter
v0.65 Previously, stairs built in a circle could not be completed if you were standing in the circle, even if you did not intersect with the stairs. They should now be buildable so long as you are not intersecting with the stairs
v0.56 When placing stairs while a new chunk can be locked, it automatically locks it before placing

It is now possible to lock a 1 log wide stairs chunk Fixed platform part of stairs not registering hits

v0.54 Updated stairs stilt model to use latest log art
v0.48 (Building) Procedural stairs may now be built both up and down in a single unit instead of being one way only

(Building) Added angle snap when placing foundation, walls, fences and stairs!

v0.47 Fixed ghost procedural stairs trigger not matching shape and environment well enough to always be reachable.
v0.44 Added hit proxy system to main stairs colliders (was only on stilts previously)

Fixed ghost procedural stairs bug preventing from locking perfectly fine short stairs (within constraints)

v0.42 Shortened minimum stairs locking length down to the minimum technically possible length with current formula

Downwards stairs (place first point up then aim down) now skips the platform part on the first chunk if locked shorter than the regular minimum length

v0.41 Ex Stairs now accepts log model variations + setup 3 variations
v0.40 Fixed stairs ghost mode’s built stilt having a collider before being finalized
v0.38 Ghost stairs now use a half log as default mesh
v0.32 Slightly increased max allowed slope for procedural stairs

Now clamping size when making long procedural stairs instead of preventing to lock position (doesn’t change the max size of stairs, but makes it a lot easier to place)

v0.26d Fixed case of partially built treehouses causing issue on loaded games/inability to add items to them or complete them due to them using the old stairs ghost model
v0.26 Fixed treehouse ghost meshes containing old stairs mesh instead of rope mesh
v0.22 Defensive spikes, basic wall with window, basic wall with door, Bonfires, Gazeebo and basic stairs now have proper render distances on the max setting
v0.19 (multiplayer) Fixed a bug with experimental stairs in saved games which could cause issues for clients loading
v0.18b Custom buildings (experimental walls, bridges, procedural stairs, roofs, floors, foundations) now all work in multiplayer!
v0.18 Custom Stairs added to the game (Known in patch notes as procedural stairs system)