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Crouching is a gameplay aspect that allows the player to increase their stealth and to help perform stealth kills. While crouching, the player's movement speed is decreased. To crouch, hold down the CTRL key while moving. Crouching (especially in bushes and near rocks) will decrease the player's likelihood of being spotted by cannibals. Crouching is also used for placing multiple amounts of the same blueprint when building.

Known Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • (multiplayer) When crouched, your nametag disappears for everyone else, and if you get downed when crouching, it can be very hard for people to find you, as you now have no name. (Was intended to be in the game)

VR Version Behavior[edit | edit source]

  • Crouching does not activate the Stealth UI whether it is enabled in the settings or not.
  • Physically crouching lower than about 40% of your Virtual Height will cause your view to reset to your default standing height. (This does not exit stealth mode but does increase the height of your in-game body allowing detection while behind low cover)
  • Most actions can be performed while crouched in VR including some that would be prevented (Downward axe swing) or deactivate stealth mode in the standard game.

Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v0.72 Fixed player head clipping through ceiling when crouch jumping
v0.71b Fixed dying with toggle crouch on causing issues in hanging cutscene
v0.70 Player can no longer do downward axe attacks while crouching and head height is blocked by a low ceiling
v0.68 Player can no longer crouch while driving the logsled
v0.66 Fixed player sometimes able to jump while crouched in vents and other tight areas
v0.62 Fixed crouch mode inverted when opening options menu
v0.57 Fixed running while crouching speed being applied inconsistently
v0.46 Fixed crouch toggle not working correctly on controllers
v0.43 Fixed player crouch getting stuck sometimes when moving through shallow water
v0.39 Fixed player movement getting stuck when entering rock Thrower while crouched
v0.37 New gameplay option: Crouch Mode (Hold / Toggle), default is hold (legacy feature)
v0.36 Fixed cave map clipping through legs while crouch walking
v0.35 Improved first person crouch walk/idle animation

Blood now washes from weapon/body if player is crouched in shallow water

v0.34 Fixed slight delay on stealth icon removal when standing up from crouch
v0.33 (Multiplayer) Player name is now hidden for crouched players!
v0.32 (Multiplayer) Better crouching animation on player character
v0.31 Added option to hide stealth meter
v0.26 Improved accuracy of plane collision, can no longer crouch/glitch out of plane side doors
v0.25 Fixed player crouching glitching out whilst holding lit arrows
v0.22 Fixed crouch player input sometimes not responding
v0.18 Player crouch speed is now set correctly
v0.11 Player can now attack whilst crouched improving stealth kills
v0.08 Bushes will now hide player from enemy vision when crouched!
v0.06 Moving forward, crouching, jumping or pressing e will make player stand up if sitting on bench