Crocodile Village

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This articles's name is conjectural.
An official name is yet to be given, and it may change at any time.

Crocodile Village is an unofficial name for the cannibal village at the head of the main river running through the peninsula. The village is made up of 3 straw fishing huts and 5 fishing stands (2 on the river and 3 in the lake below).

The namesake crocodiles can be found in great numbers throughout the village and nearby coastline, making this site a dangerous trap for unwary victims (or a good source of generic meat and lizard skins for well-equipped hunters).

The entrance to Cave 7 (Chasm) can be found a short distance to the east. The sinkhole is directly to the south, across a large ridge.

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Unique Features[edit | edit source]

There is a corpse half hanging from a pole attached to one of the fishing huts.