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The Crafting Guide was section of the Survival Guide that was added in update v0.07. It was later removed in update v1.0 and instead replaced with a interactive crafting system within the inventory. This can be accessed by placing the cursor over the cogwheel while crafting to access different recipes. However, the crafting guide use contained useful information for crafting weapons and important items, spread out through five pages. It was always missing many of the recipes during its lifespan.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Page 1 - Crafting Intro[edit | edit source]

Introduction (Page 1)

This page displays basic instructions for crafting and serves as the Crafting section introduction

  • To craft an item, you need to collect the required amount of resources.
  • Press inventory key to open your inventory
  • 'Right click' to add items to crafting area
  • 'Right click' craftingIcon to craft item

Page 2 - Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapons (Page 2)

This page displays short write-ups on how to craft a few simple weapons

To make a Molotov cocktail combine one Cloth with a bottle of Alcohol.
A simple bomb can be made by combining a Circuit Board with Alcohol, Coins and a Watch. Combine with Tree Sap to make Sticky Bomb version.
To make an Upgraded Spear combine one Spear with three Bones and two Cloth.
A bow can be crafted by combining a Stick with Cloth and Rope.
Arrows are crafted by combining one Stick with five Feathers. To make Bone Arrows combine one Stick with five Feathers and 5 Bones.
To make fire tipped arrows combine Arrows with Cloth and Alcohol. To make poison tipped arrows combine Arrows with four Twinberries.

Page 3 - Tools[edit | edit source]

Tools (Page 3)

This page displays information about the craft-able tools in the game, and how to craft them

To make a handmade axe combine one rock with Rope and one Stick.
Combine a Stick with Cloth to craft a Fire Torch
Use a Repair Tool to fix damaged buildings. To craft combine two Sticks with one Rock, two Cloth and 10 Sap.
A Berry Pouch can be used to collect berries. To make a pouch you need two Rabbit Skins.
Make a Water Skin by combining two Deer Skins with Rope.
Rope can be crafted by combining Cloth.

Page 4 - Clothing[edit | edit source]

Clothing (Page 4)

This page displays information about the various Clothing/Armor in the game, and how to craft them

Lizard Skin can be worn as armor.
To make Stealth Armor combine one Lizard Skin with 15 Leaves.
Make Bone Armor by combining six Bones with three Cloth.
You can wear Deer Skin for warmth.
Rabbit shoes are made by combining two Ropes with three Rabbit Fur.
To make Snow Shoes combine 5 Sticks with 2 Ropes.

Page 5 - Herbal Medicine[edit | edit source]

Herbal Medicine (Page 5)

This page displays the crafting instructions for the Herbal Medicines and Energy Mixes in the game

To make a health blend combine Marigold and Aloe.
An energy blend can be made by combining Coneflower and Chicory.
Make a stronger health blend combine Marigold, Aloe and Coneflower.
A super energy can be made by combining Coneflower with Chicory and Aloe.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As of v0.69 many of the titles and references throughout this section of the Survival Guide are either old titles, or just different from the rest of the game (i.e. "Upgraded Stick" referred to as "Fire Torch", and "Energy Mix +" referred to as "Super Energy Blend" etc.

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