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The crafting gear.
The result of right-clicking the crafting gear.

Crafting is a gameplay feature where new items can be created by combining crafting materials. To craft an item, place the item's necessary components in the middle of the inventory by right-clicking each item individually. When done with the right items, a gear will appear below the items in the inventory. Right-clicking this gear will create the desired item, which can be put into the inventory by right-clicking it again.

To craft a Molotov, place cloth and booze on the crafting mat in the center of the inventory. When the gear appears (It will appear instantly if done correctly), right-click it, and then right-click the Molotov that appears in place of the Cloth and Booze.

If you craft a Molotov using the ingredients listed above, but press "I" to close the crafting inventory, there is a little glitch which will happen. Open the crafting inventory again by pressing "I" and the little cog wheel will still be showing, but the crafting ingredients ( the cloth and the booze ) will not be there. Right-click the gear and you will get a Molotov, without any of your crafting ingredients being used. (Reported to be patched in the 1/15/2015 Change log)

무기[edit | edit source]

돌 도끼[edit | edit source]

The Stone Axe is a melee weapon that can be crafted by the player. Sticks can be found strewn across the forest floor or can be acquired from cutting down small trees. Rocks can be found strewn across the forest floor and the beach. Rope can be found in cannibal villages, caves, and boats.

화살[edit | edit source]

Ammunition for the , they can be lit on fire with your 라이터. 깃털 can be harvested from killed birds, be it in the forest or on the beach. 막대기 can be found strewn on the forest floor and from lumbering small trees.

[edit | edit source]

Used to launch arrows, good for hunting. You can find sticks on the ground and from cutting down small trees, cloth can be found in suitcases, and rope can be found in cannibal villages, caves, and boats. Or, you can craft rope with five cloth.

몽둥이[edit | edit source]

A club is made with a stick and skull. You can make a skull by cooking a cannibal's head on a fire, or finding them scattered around in the caves and the Peninsula.

업그레이드 된 막대기[edit | edit source]

May be used as a weapon or as a torch. Sticks can be found strewn on the forest floor, and can be harvested from small trees. Cloth can be found in suitcases, on the beach and on cannibal "clotheslines."

업그레이드 된 돌[edit | edit source]

May be painted and/or used as a weapon, but cannot be used in place of a normal rock in crafting.

창 업그레이드[edit | edit source]

Can be used as both a held weapon and a projectile

폭탄/탄환[edit | edit source]

These weapons need to be thrown in order to be effective.

화염병[edit | edit source]

Thrown at natives and similar to the bomb, it is surely a one hit kill and can kill multiple enemies with one throw. It will explode as soon as it comes in contact with the ground, although it will go through cannibals and structures. Both of the items required are found in suitcases and around the beach.

폭탄[edit | edit source]

Bombs are throw-able explosive devices. The coins are found near the plane and in suitcases as well as inside the cannibal camps/caves, most easily found on the beach(You can dig them up using a stick on the ground as well as throwable rocks). The circuit board is rare and found near the plane (re-spawns after a short period of time) and also found in caves, villages, and campsites. Booze is found in the plane as well as on the beach, suitcases, and villages.

머리 폭탄[edit | edit source]

Thrown at natives and similar to the bomb (Does not travel very far when "thrown"), is a one hit kill and can kill multiple enemies if they are close.

막대 폭탄[edit | edit source]

Like the name suggests, it sticks when it touches something after thrown. It can be used to cut down a small amount of trees, but is also more useful in killing a group of cannibals.

그 외[edit | edit source]

토끼 신발[edit | edit source]

Rabbit Skin 3개 + Rope 2개 = Rabbit Shoe 1개

밧줄[edit | edit source]

Rope can either be found on the peninsula or crafted by combining strips of cloth.

스텔스 방어구[edit | edit source]

An enhanced version of the standard lizard skin armor. It lowers your visible range to the cannibals, and it can be crafted using Lizard Skin and Leaves. Leaves are incredibly common and obtained from any tree or bush, and lizards roam in packs.

뼈 방어구[edit | edit source]

Double the protection of lizard armor and looks cooler.

허브 약[edit | edit source]

Very useful when low on medicine and poorly equipped. It heals for the same amount as medicine found in suitcases, and can be crafted using Aloe and Marigold. These are most commonly found past the treeline, some distance from the beach. Up to eight meds can be stored in the inventory.

에너지 믹스[edit | edit source]

Very useful when low on energy, and works as a natural replacement for soda. It restores the same amount of energy as soda, and can be crafted using Chicory and Coneflower. These are most commonly found among the trees.

가죽 물통[edit | edit source]

Used for transporting water with you.

토끼 파우치[edit | edit source]

Allows you to gather berries to eat later or for crafting.

파란 물감[edit | edit source]

Allows you to paint things blue.

오렌지 물감[edit | edit source]

Will allow you to paint things orange.

화살통[edit | edit source]

Allows you to carry 20 more arrows.

무기 업그레이드[edit | edit source]

There are 4 types of upgrades that can be applied to many weapons to upgrade the speed or damage and also to add a fire effect to attacks. Each upgrade requires tree sap which can be obtained by chopping down trees, even partially. You can get teeth from killing a cannibal, 깃털 from birds, cloth from camps and suitcases and booze can be found along the beach. The booze upgrade needs testing; however, it is theorized that by adding broken glass to a weapon, it will increase raw attack damage, add 'cutting' damage or add a poison effect to attacks. A total of 30 upgrades can be applied to a single weapon (v0.15).

속도 업그레이드[edit | edit source]

깃털 1개 + 나무 수액 1개 + 무기 1개 = 속도 업그레이드용 1개

데미지 업그레이드[edit | edit source]

이빨 1개 + 나무 수액 1개 + 무기 1개 = 데미지 업그레이드용 1개, or

술병 1개 + 나무 수액 1개 + 무기 1개 = 데미지 업그레이드 1개

불 속성 업그레이드[edit | edit source]

헝겊 1개 + 무기 1개 = 불 속성 업그레이드

  • Useful for fighting off multiple enemies at once. If a cannibal is caught on fire then they are as good as dead so long as they are not a spider (Virginia) or octopus mutant (Armsy).
  • Especially useful for fighting off many starving cannibals as they will ignite from one hit each and eventually die from the fire.
  • The Crafted Bow and Arrows don't need such upgrade. You can fire off burning arrows anytime by using a lighter when holding a bow but remember, each burning arrow uses up a Cloth

조합 재료[edit | edit source]

A full list of all the available crafting materials that are in the game so far can be found here.