Coaster Cave

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Coaster Cave
Coaster Cave Main.png
Final room of the cave
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Cave Island East - Swim Entrance
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The Coaster Cave is a submerged cave off the southeast coast of the Peninsula, near three small islands. It has one swim entrance, which requires 70-80% of a full air canister in the rebreather to get in and out of the cave. The entrance is also marked with a floating piece of wood, similarly to other submerged caves. Once inside the entrance, there is a deep cylindrical room which leads to a middle room serving as an air pocket, with another deep cylindrical space going to the final room with the Log Track schematic on a podium, with a wooden model behind it. There are no mutants.

The following items can be found in the Coaster Cave:

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Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Hitting the model coaster will give Leaves.