Charles: The Survival Man

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Charles: The Survival Man
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The Script
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The Charles: The Survival Man book is a decorative item that cannot be collected or interacted with, it was added in update ? in The Forest.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Charles: The Survival Man, also referred to as the movie or TV script, is a non-interactive story item that can be found in the largest abandoned camp, the film camp. It is speculated that this script was for a movie that was going to be recorded on the Peninsula. The script could be an easter egg, or it may contribute to the story in the future. It was written in June 1984 by Charles Lai, who perhaps was there himself to film the script.

  • This item suggests that the film camp is somehow tied to the yacht inhabitants.
    • The bodies in the film camp are much too fresh to be from 1984, the date listed on Charles. They still have flies buzzing around.
    • The Yacht Magazine also has the year 1984 on it (along with being in summer, like Charles at June 2), which seems too unlikely to be a complete coincidence.
    • The dead Yacht inhabitants that the player can see (one on board, one in cave 2) are old enough to match the year for Charles, being mummified like they should given their age.
    • The tents in the film camp are noticeably older than the other modern tents that can be found. They have rips and tears in the roofs, unlike the others, again suggesting they're from 1984.

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