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Chainsaw farket.png
The Chainsaw
Added in
Item Type
Melee Weapon
The Forest Map
Obtained through
Weapon Rack
Wall Weapon Rack
Max. Stack
Fuel Can
Max. Capacity
1 Fuel Can (given in percentage)

The chainsaw is a tool and weapon in The Forest.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The chainsaw and a unique tool and weapon in that it does not require stamina to use and only requires holding down the attack button to operate. It is powered by Fuel, which can be found in various locations around the peninsula. In single player, Fuel does not respawn once collected. The chainsaw is currently the best tool for cutting down trees and removing stumps. Cutting down trees with the chainsaw will cause the tree count to rise. Though it isn't as effective as axes as swinging axe does raise the tree count.

The chainsaw can be used as a weapon though its best suited for tree cutting. During combat, it will stun cannibals very frequently though it doesn't have high damage. On normal mode, it seems to be much more effective than the harder modes in the game. When attacking, it will slow the players move speed to about half the speed of walking. This can make it difficult to chase cannibals or 'keep the pressure' on. Its range is quite good though it has almost no area of effect damage. Probably the biggest issue for the chainsaw during combat is that if you get hit, it stops the chainsaws attack. Which will require the player to reset the attack button quickly.

Location[edit | edit source]

The Chainsaw can be found in Cave 3,46.7

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The chainsaw was originally in Cave 9, though was moved to Cave 3 in update v0.68, released on the 6th of October 2017.

Known Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Sometimes the chainsaw does not "apply" to a tree, therefore not causing any damage.
  • It can be difficult to cut trees on elevated surfaces. Jumping up and down while cutting can overcome this issue.

Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v0.60 Chainsaw added to the game.
v0.61 Chainsaw fuel pickups no longer respawn (we actually missed one inside a tent that does respawn, the rest should not however)

Increased chainsaw damage against enemies (Multiplayer) Fixed chainsaw engine SFX playing on remote players when out of fuel

v0.62 Fixed chainsaw missing icon in the weapon rack UI widget

Fixed loading a save with chainsaw fuel fully depleted not updating the fuel UI properly

v0.63 Fixed issue where stumps to trees would be instantly cut if using a chainsaw in single player games
v0.65 (Audio) Tuned volume levels of chainsaw (Volume lowered dramatically)
v0.66 Lowered overall movement speed while attacking with chainsaw

Reduced chainsaw damage against creepy mutants and end game boss

v0.68 Chainsaw has been moved to cave 3

(Audio) Changed use fuel sfx to twinkle instead of whoosh when refueling the chainsaw

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