Cave Science - Sahara Cave

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Cave Science - Sahara Cave
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Official Names
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Player Given Names
Sahara Cave

Cave Science - Sahara Cave is a temporary place-holder name for the cave located between the research lab and the elevator to the observatory. It is only accessible via the research lab, with a walk-in entrance. It features dozens of mummified corpses, perhaps those of Sahara employees who have fallen to the death obelisk. It requires the rebreather to swim through, and there are no enemies. It has one set of sacrifice doors.

Speculation[edit | edit source]

The caves appear to serve as a home to many of the cannibals, and are where they bring the majority of corpses they collect. Dozens of passengers can be seen hanging from the ceilings, and relatively fresh body parts can be seen hanging or scattered on the ground in some places. Mutant babies can commonly be found in these caves, suggesting that they serve as the breeding ground for the mutants. Following this line of thought, it can be assumed that the spider mutant serves as the brood mother, seeing as how she appears to have functioning (albeit horrendously deformed) genitalia and is rarely seen outside of the cave system. The caves also house a variety of mummified corpses that appear in the more unique areas. How the mummies connect to the cannibals is unknown, as they were left alone after death rather than being eaten, suggesting their presence may pre-date the formation of the cannibal society. They are most likely going to be significant figures in the developing story.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • In the underwater area of the cave requiring the rebreather, it is possible to glitch outside of the cave through a small hole above the water at some point, which essentially just leads to a void.

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