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Hay muchas "cuevas" que se encuentran en todo el Bosque que serpentean en la mayoría de la Península. Los desarrolladores han declarado que incluso las islas de satélite más pequeñas están conectadas al continente a través de estos sistemas de cuevas. Las cuevas parecen servir de hogar a muchos de los caníbales, y son donde traen la mayoría de los cadáveres que recogen. Dozens of passengers can be seen hanging from the ceilings, and relatively fresh body parts can be seen hanging or scattered on the ground in some places. Cannibal babies can most likely be found in these caves, suggesting that they serve as the breeding ground for the mutants. Following this line of thought, it can be assumed that the spider mutant serves as the brood mother, seeing as how she appears to have functioning (albeit horrendously deformed) genitalia and is rarely seen outside of the cave system. The caves also house a variety of mummified corpses that appear in the more unique areas. How the mummies connect to the cannibals is unknown, as they were left alone after death rather than being eaten, suggesting their presence may pre-date the formation of the cannibal society. They are most likely going to be significant figures in the developing story.

Caves usually have an abundance of cash, coins, flares and ropes scattered about, as well as a large number of suitcases. They are also the best places to find rarer items like sodas and dynamite. The majority of unique items and scenes relating to the story can be found in the caves. There are currently eleven caves in The Forest.