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Cannibals and Mutants

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This page contains all the cannibals and mutants in the game. It has been created to clean up the wiki of duplicate or misinformation. All of the cannibals names with link to this page. This is intended so the information can be properly named, updated, categorized and user friendly.

Mutants[edit | edit source]

Mutants have been confirmed though there is no seperate category for blue virginias or blue armsys. Though there information is in with the counters parts, though brief.

Mutants[edit | edit source]

Mutants are some of the most dangerous enemies that can be found on the island. They are larger and more dangerous than the standard island cannibals, able to kill the player and destroy structures in just a few hits. The mutants are grossly disfigured, and seem to be made of multiple bodies stuck together.

Mutants are rare, but can generally be found in caves. They are even less common above ground, but will begin to appear more often as the cannibals become more hostile in response to the player's impact on the environment and with repeated confrontations with the regular cannibals. Once the player has had multiple, repeated negative interactions with the cannibals and single mutants, packs of mutants will start to surface, traveling in grounds of 3-4.

Origin[edit | edit source]

It is suggested that the use of the resurrection obelisk will often generate obelisk victims, as seen in Megan and suggested in Timmy. However, the obelisk victim form seems to change based on the characteristics of the person put inside; i.e., the mutations are not the same every time, though Sahara was possibly manipulating who they put in to get the same results every time, in the name of science (which led to an abundance of the same 3 types of mutants). Girls possibly become Virginias, and boys would become Armsy or Cowman, though this is unconfirmed. Zachary could be the original Cowman, with the missing siblings becoming Armsies.

Combat[edit | edit source]

When fighting mutants, fire makes a very good weapon. It allows the player to damage them without being too close for too long. Torches, Flare Guns, Fire Arrows , Molotovs or Bombs are the safest bet.

A perhaps even safer, easier and effective alternative is simply building campfires; if a mutant steps on the fire, it will be engulfed in flames and like most enemies, quickly succumb to death. If you build several ground fires in your camp and your camp is situated next to a body of water, you can simply stand/wade safely in the water and wait for the mutant/s and any other enemy creatures to walk over the fire. Additionally, if you happen to step on any of the ground fires yourself, you only need to run back to the water to extinguish it.

Spears also deal significant damage when thrown, though the player will have to maneuver around the mutant to be able to pick up the spear and use it again.

The player should be wearing some type of armor, preferably bone armor, before attempting to fight a mutant, especially if the player is going to attempt melee combat.

Types of Mutants[edit | edit source]

Armsy Also known as the Octopus mutant. As the name suggests, this mutant possesses many arms. It is a few heads taller than the normal cannibals, and is much stronger than them. It swings its arms around it in a circle to attack. It is also able to destroy buildings and trees with one to two hits, easily penetrating a base camp surrounded by walls. His presence can be easily noticed by his loud roaring and growling, especially in caves. Armsy
Virginia Also known as the Spider mutant. Virginia acts as a sister counterpart to the Armsy, having many legs instead of arms. It appears to be three female bodies merged together, as it has a large vaginal slit in the front from which mutant babies pop out occasionally. Like the Armsy, it is able to destroy the player's walls and buildings. To attack, it lifts up its front legs and charges the player. It can also jump a certain distance and is able to hit through invisible walls. Unlike the Armsy, Virginia is more silent and then harder to notice. However, her babies can reveal her presence by their crying and jumping squishy sounds. Virginia
Cowman Also known as a Fatty. It has two arms and legs, with its most notable feature being that it is extremely overweight. It mostly attacks by charging at the player, changing direction as it charges in an attempt to hit players if they try to move out of the way. Their charge is also the only mutant/cannibal attack which can bypass the player's armor, damaging his health as well. It can also jump into the air and perform a bodyslam, heavily damaging the player if caught underneath. It is the rarest of the mutants, being found less often in the caves and less often on the surface until tensions are extremely high between player and cannibals. This mutant can usually be heard before it is seen, due to the loud thudding footsteps it takes. Cowman
Babies In deeper parts of the Cave, the player is able to find some malformed mutant babies lying on the ground. They usually appear in tandem with the Virginia, and, like other mutants, will start spawning above ground once the player has had enough violent interactions with the cannibals. Their AI seems to function as a homing device to the player, and the babies will crawl towards the player until they are within jumping range. They will then launch themselves violently through the air at the player, dealing large amount of damage upon impact. They can be identified by their inhuman screams that they make as they jump. Luckily, they can be killed with one hit from any weapon. Baby Mutant

Cannibals[edit | edit source]

Cannibals are the main antagonists of The Forest. A scattering of primitive humans living in the Forest, cannibals will seek out and attempt to kill any outsider that they can find on the Peninsula. They are not necessarily immediately hostile, as some may only spy on the player at first (Tribal Cannibals), while others will attack on sight due to sheer hunger (Starving Cannibals). Both sets of cannibals will actively patrol the island both day and night, though much more frequently at night, and can be joined by monstrous mutants. Once aware of the player's presence, patrols will get stronger and harder to defeat, along with being more frequent. It is vital that the player creates defenses as soon as they can, preferably right after the Plane Axe is acquired, and the game has started. Cannibals come in several forms, ranging from skinny weaklings, large neutered males, tribal leaders, and of course, the average cannibal. The cannibals can be turned off by typing veganmode in the main menu, turning on a peaceful game mode, allowing for practice, or leisurely game-play.

Varieties[edit | edit source]

There are various types of cannibals to be found in The Forest, though there are two primary allegiance groups.

Normal Cannibals are the most human looking and common variety of all the cannibals. They are the main "group" of cannibals, from which the starving cannibals seem to have split off. The males are decorated with human skulls, masks, bones, feathers, etc., often wear necklaces made out of CDs or makeshift lamps over their heads attached to poles on their backs, and can wield primitive weapons such as crafted clubs and axes. The females wear only skirts, and mostly do not carry weapons. They travel in the most organized patrols, walking on two feet, watching over camps and searching for the player. They are also the only cannibals to display religious reverence by praying often.

Starving (or Skinny) Cannibals are separate from the original cannibals, perhaps due to being exiled from the tribe. They are often hostile towards other cannibals as well as the player. They are much weaker, but more plentiful and aggressive. They are distinguishable by their body being nearly completely covered in blood. Starving and tribal cannibals can be seen cooperating, but the starving cannibals can easily turn on their stronger counterparts. A good way to usually exploit this is to make a starving cannibal hit a tribal cannibal on accident or vice versa, but hitting either one of them while they're attacking each other will usually cause them to turn back onto the player. Starving cannibals will be drawn to animal and human corpses, even in the midst of battle. The patch notes for v0.54 indicate they can only carry sticks, rather than actual weapons.

Painted Cannibals Painted Cannibals are a relatively new addition to the game. They are the rarest of the cannibals, only appearing in late game after hostilities have been considerably ramped up between the cannibals and the player. They can be distinguished from the other groups by the crosses painted all over their bodies, either black or red. They are the strongest group of cannibals, able to destroy a player's armor in several hits, in addition to roaming in packs of 3-7 almost always. It is currently unknown how they interact with the other groups of cannibals.

Mutants[edit | edit source]

Mutants are monstrous creatures that come in two types: combined bodies into "super" humans (Armsy, Virginia, and Cowman) and deformed and underdeveloped humans (Mutant Babies). Both have a taste for human flesh, regardless, like the cannibals. They are few in number and are formidable opponents. They can be most often found in the caves, though repeated violent interactions between the player and the cannibals will bring these to the surface.

Overgrown Mutants As the name suggests, these mutants are ferociously large and dangerous. They appear to be made of multiple bodies smashed together into a gross combination. Some have several arms (Armsy), some have several legs (Virginia or Legsy), and some are just fat and overgrown (Cowman). They appear to be a part of the Tribal Cannibal faction, as they will turn on Skinnies like the Tribals would. These creatures are very strong with much more health than the average enemy. Each can tear through even full bone armor after multiple direct hits. ||

Babies In deeper parts of the Cave, the player is able to find some malformed mutant babies lying on the ground. They usually appear in tandem with the Virginia, and, like other mutants, will start spawning above ground once the player has had enough violent interactions with the cannibals. Their AI seems to function as a homing device to the player, and the babies will crawl towards the player until they are within jumping range. They will then launch themselves violently through the air at the player, dealing large amount of damage upon impact. They can be identified by their inhuman screams that they make as they jump. Luckily, they can be killed with one hit from any weapon.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

First Contact[edit | edit source]

After the plane crash, the cannibals will not immediately look for you. In fact, it is stated that the cannibals don't know you're on the peninsula in the first place, and it is possible to remain unnoticed by the cannibals for as long as the player chooses (though the cannibals must be faced head on in order to complete the story). Cannibals will also regularly patrol the land day and night, as well as hunt and scavenge. If a player kills a lone cannibal, the rest of cannibal tribe can remain unaware. However, once a cannibal has seen the player and has successfully run away, the tribe will start to send more and more cannibals each day after the player. For the first few days simple fortifications, walls, and traps will keep the cannibals from attacking the player. However, eventually the cannibals will send mutants to the players camp, and walls can be demolished and traps may prove ineffective against them.

Day Patrols[edit | edit source]

Day time patrols often consist of 2-4 individuals, with one of them being the patrol leader. These patrols generally act cautious/guarded when initially encountering the player, and they will not always immediately charge into combat. It is possible to intimidate these patrols into fleeing, but the player can also aggravate the patrol and incite open aggression through various actions. These patrols usually follow the same paths daily, though this can and will deviate based off of the behavior of the player.

Night Patrols[edit | edit source]

Night patrols are more aggressive and more numerous than their day time counterparts, consisting often of 3-7 individuals. Night patrols rarely flee unless they sustain catastrophic casualties or are unable to find the player via camouflage or successfully fleeing. The effect of effigies is also reduced at night allowing cannibals to come closer to the player and at times individuals may even ignore the effigy completely and attack the player. Once the player has been discovered by a night patrol, the patrol will not leave the player alone until they have suffered heavy casualties, morning arrives, or the player manages to flee after a long chase.

Another unique behaviour of night patrols is they will erect small totems around the player's camp during a prolonged night attack on a base. The totems range in appearance from a mummified head on a stick to an intricate collage of random junk (umbrellas, sunglasses, etc) with a skull as the centre pieces. Scattered on the ground in vicinity of the totems the player can often find low level loot usually consisting of (but not limited to) coins, flares, and booze.[confirmation needed]

Other[edit | edit source]

When multiple cannibals approach the player while he is wearing red paint, one may kneel while the others attack or run. If the attacking cannibals are defeated, the kneeling one will stay there, no matter what the player does. If all are killed, it appears that the cannibals will leave the player alone for a period of time, possibly believing the player is some God-like figure (the Red Man).[confirmation needed] The kneeling cannibal is possibly acting as a sacrifice, or simply wishes to surrender.

Hostility versus Presence[edit | edit source]

Cannibal behavior can grossly be classified in two groups: hostility and presence. A player will fight the cannibals, increasing the hostility and increasing the presence. When the player runs into cannibals due to increasing presence, a fight will often ensue, increasing the hostility, which will then increase the presence, as a sort of circle.

Hostility is how the cannibals will react to the player upon encounter (such as attacking or simply watching or growling). The cannibals start neutral, and through various actions, the player can make them hostile. Hostility is created by interacting with cannibals multiple times violently, letting them escape, clearing the caves, etc. Once the cannibals have been made hostile, they will remain hostile and the cannibal presence will also go up. Hostility generates painted cannibals and mutants on the surface. This is also commonly referred to as "aggro-ing" the cannibals. Hostility cannot be undone once raised.

Presence refers to how often the player runs into the cannibals, both "randomly" in the wild and at bases. Presence is both inherent and generated.

  • Inherent presence involves the patrols that have set paths. By increasing hostility, the player will increase presence in the terms of number of patrols. Inherent presence cannot be undone, though it does seem to have limits (such as cannibal patrols will not just keep increasing spawn frequency until they spawn every minute).
  • Generated presence comes from the player having a base and them finding it. When that happens, they will start visiting the base more and more often in increasing waves with mutants. This can be undone by abandoning the base and moving to another.

Religion and Beliefs[edit | edit source]

In areas where there are Cannibal (not player) traps and totems, and possibly in other locations, the Cannibals can be seen in the early hours of day praying to/worshipping the sun or one of their effigies along the beach. These locations are close to large Cannibal villages, and the traps mark the outer limit of their camps. Cannibals encountered whilst in the process of worship are not hostile. However striking any of them will cause the one attacked to switch focus to the player.

Cannibal Dwellings and Structures[edit | edit source]

The cannibals seem to be living together in smaller groups (possibly tribes or communities).

Caves[edit | edit source]

The Cannibals can always be found in the series of caves and tunnels that lie beneath the forest floor. These caves have the highest frequency of mutants, especially mutant babies, than the player will normally find on the surface. It is supposed that the Cannibals live here (and in the Sinkhole), as this is the only place that they can be found sleeping. Note that they can sleep on the ceiling and on the floor, so take care to look up when wandering through the caves.

Cannibal Camps[edit | edit source]

Other than the cave system, cannibals are also seen around the peninsula in camps of various size and location. The player may notice small scouting parties leaving them and single cannibals wandering through them. Other than finding cannibals in such camps, there are also chances of finding loot such as baggage and other brought in objects. Bodies can also be found quite frequently.

There is one large, central camp with the most huts, in the southern portion of the map. This camp has the most cannibal activity out of any camp, and it contains one cave entrance inside a hut. This cave is where the player will awaken if caught by the cannibals for the first time.

Lookout Posts[edit | edit source]

Weirdly enough, the cannibals have never been seen interacting with the lookout posts, though they are almost assuredly cannibal in origin. The cannibals theoretically use the lookout posts as vantage points, from which to better see, though this behavior is not seen. They could also be used to hunt for fresh fish in the absence of fresh human, though this behavior is again not seen. However, the developers have called these posts "fishing stands" in past patch notes.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Enemies might attack when alone or in groups, and if the player is not careful they might ambush from behind. The cannibals can be knocked down with any type of melee weapon with about eight to fifteen hits. Sometimes the enemies will take evasive action if they see the player as a threat; they might even run away completely or come back later with more cannibals. If a cannibal catches on fire it will no longer kill it entirely, so throwing a Molotov Cocktail in the center of a close together group can no longer kill them all. Mutants will catch fire and be seen flailing around and will attempt to strike you if you get too close and will usually shrug off the fire resulting in a blackened/burnt texture replacing their usual pale skin. Mutants can also be lured to walk over a burning campfire if the flare gun or Molotov cocktails are not available, and the effect will be the same. A very important and useful technique is to hold block (Right mouse button) when ever you hear something or are in a fight, since blocking makes you take less damage when hit.

In addition to attacking the player, cannibals have also been seen "intimidating" the player. It is possible that they are testing the strength of the player to see what actions they will take next. To intimidate the player cannibals will hiss and lunge at the player while another will circle the player and attempt to make eye contact. After a short amount of time the cannibals will either attack or retreat further into the forest. It is currently unknown at the time if this is a glitch or if this was added to the game on purpose.

Cannibals may also approach the player and throw a variety of punches (normal cannibals and leader class), or they may back up and leap at the player, slamming them with a powerful blow. The player should avoid this attack if possible as it does a massive amount of damage and may kill them in one strike.

If the player proves too much for the cannibals, they might run away into the forest and not return for a period of time (if they despawn completely this is a known glitch). During or after combat cannibals can also be seen climbing several feet into the trees, and jumping from one tree to another or at the player.

If the player manages to knock down a leader, sometimes one of the other cannibals will pick up the body of the leader and drag him to safety.

Attacking a cannibal will counter any attack they may be performing. If they are to lunge at you, and you swing your axe, the attack will stop, and the cannibal will stumble backwards. Rapidly slashing is a good way to kill cannibals. Rapidly slashing not only is good for offensive, but defensive too, to prevent attacks.

A rare occurrence is if the player kills a big group of cannibals or randomly goes out in the woods by cannibal territory a cannibal might be seen sitting on the ground crying either in pain or the death of others.

Infection[edit | edit source]

The death of a mutant, cannibal, or animal in "close" proximity to the player may result in the player becoming splashed with blood and acquiring the "bloodied" status. Theoretically, being "bloodied" for too long will result in the player acquiring the "infected" status condition as stated by the suggestion to avoid infection by washing yourself when covered in blood. Being infected leads to negative effects on athleticism and can be seen in the "health tab" of the survival book. To cure an infection eat raw Aloe Vera.

Optional Forms of Encounters[edit | edit source]

  • If the player wishes to gather building materials, explore, or just play in peace, they can type "veganmode" (without quotations) for 0 cannibals. Typing "vegetarianmode" (again, without quotations) will set the game to have cannibals coming out at night only. To reset these, the player can type "meatmode" to activate cannibals.
  • Building and lighting the bonfire at night will cause a large amount of cannibals and occasionally mutants to be drawn to your location, and will be immediately hostile.

Cannibals Gallery[edit | edit source]

Skinny Cannibals[edit | edit source]

Starving cannibals, or skinnies, live alongside the original mutants, tribal cannibals, and neuter cannibals. They are the second main faction of cannibals, the other being the normal cannibals. Starving cannibals are made up of both female and male cannibals, characterized by being smaller than the tribals and completely naked, covered only in dirt and blood. Skinnies are hostile from the beginning of the game, unlike the tribal cannibals.

Starving cannibals are easily distinguishable from tribal cannibals. They are much skinnier, are covered in blood and dirt, and do not wear clothes of any sort. Skinny males have bleeding pits where their eyes are. Another thing is that they are faster and will most likely move on arms and legs. (The normal cannibals only walk on legs.) A fleeing starving cannibal can outrun the player.

Starving cannibals patrol during the day and night, whether it be a single one or up to 5. They appear to be much more aggressive towards the player, further showing how desperate they are for food. Unlike the original cannibals, patrols of the starving cannibals are very disorganized, and moving in patrols seems to be much more of a group-scramble than a planned route of patrol.

Starving cannibals can carry sticks as weapons, again weaker than what the regular cannibals can carry.

Starving cannibals will sometimes attack each other, then eat their victim, showing how desperate they are to eat. They will also sometimes start fighting if one accidentally hits one another while attacking the player. They are also very hostile towards the tribal cannibals, often starting small battles. If the player hits one or both of the fighting cannibals, they will turn on him, so it is best to let them fight it out.

Starving cannibals will attempt to cannibalize their incapacitated comrades (both starving and any other cannibal type) while they're still alive. This will result in one of two outcomes: Either the victim scurries away and gets 'revived', or the victim continues to get eaten and gibs (Similar to when the player hits a corpse). If a victim has survived a cannibalization attempt, they will be revived and have a different model, which shows their rib cage split open.

Variations of Skinny Cannibal[edit | edit source]

There is only two variations of skinny cannibals in the game.

Image Name Description Game File Name
SkinnyCannibalMaleFarket.png Male Skinny Cannibal
  • Hunched over most of the time
  • Covered in dirt and possibly blood
  • Has no hair
SkinnyCannibalFemaleFarket.png Female Skinny Cannibal
  • Hunched over most of the time
  • Covered in dirt and blood
  • Has long dark hair

Skinny Cannibal Gallery[edit | edit source]

Skinny Cannibal Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v0.06 Female starving cannibal added.
v0.07 Male starving cannibal added.
v0.18b Less skinnies active in world.

Normal Cannibals[edit | edit source]

Normal Cannibals, or regular cannibals, are the most basic type of cannibals that the player will encounter in the game. Most patrols of cannibals consist of 2-4 regular cannibals and 1 Cannibal Leader. They are the most human looking and common variety of all the cannibals. They are the main "group" of cannibals, from which the skinny cannibals seem to have split off. The males may be decorated with human skulls, masks, bones, feathers, etc., sometimes wearing necklaces made out of CDs or makeshift lamps over their heads attached to poles on their backs, and can wield crafted clubs and other primitive weapons. It seems that males wear more adornments as they rank higher, while females rarely if ever have weapons. Tribal cannibals begin the game initially neutral to the player, but player actions can increase hostility to the point of immediate attack upon encounter by the cannibals.

The female varieties come both with hair and bald, as seen on the side. The skin of the female varieties tends to be darker than of their male counterparts.

Regular cannibals, like the rest, can easily jump over stone walls 1 or 2 layers high.

Normal Cannibal Male It appears there are two actual variants

  • Bone Clothing
  • Wire Clothing

There weapons appear to be:

  • Club

Normal Cannibal Female It appears there are three variants

  • Hair with clothing
  • Bald with clothing
  • Bald and naked

Variations of Normal Cannibals[edit | edit source]

Image Name Description Game File Name
NormalMaleCannibal1.png Male Normal Cannibal
  • CD Discs used as a chest piece/necklace
  • Two lines of white paint on the face
  • Under garments made out of of wires
NormalMaleCannibal2.png Male Normal Cannibal
  • Triangle shaped bone/teeth chest piece/necklace
  • Multiple lines of white paint on the face
  • Bone Shoulder Pads
  • Under garments made out of of wires
NormalMaleCannibal4.png Male Normal Cannibal
  • Wheres a mask (further description required)
  • Two lines of teeth on a necklace
  • Under garments made our of pieces of bone and other materials
  • Cloth around the ankle
  • Bone Shoulder Pads
NormalMaleCannibal5.png Male Normal Cannibal
  • Under garments made out of of wires
  • Triangle shaped bone/teeth chest piece/necklace
  • One line of white paint diagonally across the face
  • Bone Shoulder Pads
FemaleNormalCannibalSemiclothedFarket.png Female Bald Normal Cannibal Clothed
  • Stands up right
  • Has clothes
  • Has no hair
Female Cannibal Naked.png Female Bald Normal Cannibal Naked
  • Stands up right
  • Has no clothes
  • Has no hair
FemaleNormalCannibalHairFarket.png Female Normal Cannibal Clothed
  • Stands up right
  • Has clothes
  • Has hair

Normal Cannibal Gallery[edit | edit source]

Normal Cannibal Leaders[edit | edit source]

The Normal Cannibal Leader has a different appearance than normal cannibals. They are often decorated with human skulls and often wear a necklace made out of CDs or a makeshift flashlight attached to his head. There is also a chance to see leaders wearing some cut off arms on the back/neck. They nearly always can be found leading a scouting party with two or more other cannibals and they seem to be important to their tribe. The extra limbs they carry as decoration cannot be burned for bones. They often drop a Club when killed. Cannibal Leaders are stronger than regular cannibals, requiring more hits to kill.

Cannibal Leader Gallery[edit | edit source]

Painted Cannibals[edit | edit source]

Painted Cannibals, also known as Cross Cannibals, were introduced in the v0.54 patch. They are their own distinct group with leaders and normals. They will not usually attack Tribal cannibals, but can often get into scuffles with the violent skinny cannibals. Painted Cannibals come in male and female forms. Regardless of gender, they will have small black crosses all over their body. They are noticeably stronger and faster than their counterparts, the normal cannibals. Painted Cannibals have been observed traveling with fire throwers. They have also been observed fighting with Masked Cannibals. Like the tribal cannibals, painted cannibals usually follow a cannibal leader. They can also be backed up via intimidation, like normal cannibals.

They are stronger and have more health than regular cannibals, being on par with or stronger than cannibal leaders class cannibals. Additionally, they are much faster, being able to jerk backwards from repeated strikes that would prevent normal cannibals from retaliating. They are frequently encountered in packs rather than solo. If the player is hit by their leaping attack, they can lose armor up to the equivalent of one patch of bone armor. As such, it is highly recommended that these cannibals are ranged instead of handled in melee combat, especially due to their propensity for showing up in groups. Fire arrows and molotovs are preferred weapons.

When a painted cannibal is incapacitated, it will sometimes take two hits to kill them. It is wise to double check that the painted cannibal is dead after one hit while it is incapacitated, as it can and will get back up, unlike all the others.

They can be called Cross Cannibals for two reasons:

  1. They paint themselves like Dr. Cross (a.k.a. the red man)
  2. They are covered in crosses.

From Normal Painted Cannibals Page[edit | edit source]


Normal Painted Cannibals are the basic class of the Painted Cannibal tribe. They are light blue-grey in color, with small black crosses all over their body. They usually can be found following a painted cannibal leader, and can often be found in conjunction with tribal flame throwers. These cannibals only appear once hostility has been significantly raised, through repeated violent interactions with the regular tribal cannibals. They travel in patrols of 3-5, much like the tribals.

Normal Painted Cannibals are noticeably faster than regular cannibals. Regular cannibals can be hit repeatedly in succession with the Katana in order to never let them have a chance to respond with their own attack; this is not the case with the painted cannibals. They will jerk to the side, avoiding your successive hit, and striking at you faster than you can swing again. They have more health too, making them a dangerous foe.

Painted Cannibal Male[edit | edit source]

It appears there are two actual variants

  • Bone Clothing
  • Wire Clothing

There weapons appear to be:

  • Crafted Club
  • Crafted Axe
  • Tennis Racket
  • Club

PaintedCannibalVarient1.png PaintedCannibalVarient2.png PaintedCannibalVarient3.png PaintedCannibalVarient4.png PaintedCannibalVarient5.png

Painted Cannibal Female[edit | edit source]

Need more pictures that are up to date

Painted Cannibal Gallery[edit | edit source]

Painted Cannibal Leaders[edit | edit source]

Painted Cannibal Leaders are one of the rarest cannibal spawns, only appearing after the player has sufficiently escalated tensions with both the mutants and tribal cannibals, as well as regular painted cannibals. Instead of being painted blue-gray and covered in tiny black crosses, these cannibals are a dirty gray with a large red cross on their chest. Painted Cannibal Leaders have one large red cross painted on their chest instead of several black crosses all over their body (possibly a homage to Dr. Cross). They also carry a skull on a stick on their back. These are presumably stronger than the normal painted cannibals.

It appears there are two actual variants

  • Bone Clothing
  • Wire Clothing

There weapons appear to be:

  • Club

PaintedLeaderVarient 1.png PaintedLeaderVarient 2.png

Painted Cannibal Leader Gallery[edit | edit source]

Masked Cannibals[edit | edit source]

(Some of this is relevant to skinny masked cannibals, needs sorting) The Masked Cannibals are a late-game tribe of cannibals, added in patch v0.55. They resemble pale from the neck down, but they have the faces of plane passengers and other victims stitched into a mask that they wear on their head. Some of the pale cannibals in the lab have been replaced with masked cannibals.

Masked Cannibals behave similarly to the normal cannibals. They travel in groups of 2-5, walking on two legs rather than using their arms like the skinny cannibals. Though they are rather freaky looking, they are no more dangerous than a regular pale cannibals. They will rescue their knocked down and incapacitated comrades, though they have been observed fighting amongst themselves after an accidental strike on one by another.

It appears that the developers simply copied the stats of the three following cannibals, for the masked cannibals: starving neuter male, small neuter male, and large neuter male. As such (and perhaps even regardless), there are three health levels with the masked cannibals, ranging from being as easy to beat as a starving or as difficult as a large neuter male. This means that it will require a different amount of hits to kill each type, though it is hard (or impossible) to visually tell the difference between the three types. The small masked cannibals are the middle health of the "3" this is 100% consistent. Some of the larger masked cannibals, although identical in appearance, are very weak, as stated above, having the health of a starving neuter (weaker than the small mask cannibals) and some have the health of the large neuters and are very tough. The difference is indistinguishable other than the amount of damage it takes to kill them.


Masked Cannibal Gallery[edit | edit source]

Masked Skinny Cannibals[edit | edit source]

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Pale Cannibals[edit | edit source]

Pale Cannibals, are cannibals with no male or female anatomy, with completely white eyes, no body hair of any kind, no clothing or adornments, and no weapons. They often travel with a single Cannibal or in groups of up to 5 members. The pale cannibals are slightly larger than normal cannibals, with a more human appearance and stature, and sometimes patrol villages. The Skinny Pale Cannibals are slightly smaller than normal cannibals, stand hunched over, and move in a more primitive, skittering fashion. They are the only kind of cannibals found in the caves.

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Pale Cannibal Female[edit | edit source]

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Pale Skinny Cannibals[edit | edit source]

The Skinny Pale Cannibals are similar to skinny cannibals they stand hunched over, and move in a more primitive, skittering fashion. They are the only kind of cannibals found in the caves.

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Fireman[edit | edit source]

FiremanVarient1Farket.png FiremanVarient2Farket.png

Fire Thrower
A fire thrower ready to attack.
Tribal cannibal
Surface world
Weapon(s) used
Fire torch
Tennis balls
Ranged / Melee

Fire Throwers are a type of cannibals that can be found in The Forest.

Fire Throwers Behavior[edit | edit source]

They are usually sent to attack the player's base. They can however occasionally be part of day and night Patrols, if the player has highly raised hostility.

The Fire thrower carry a fire torch with several tennis balls hanged on his belt. They will attempt to throw the lit tennis ball at the player if he is a certain distance away from him, inducing burning damage. If the player is in immediate striking distance, the Fire thrower will attack with its torch instead.

Fire Throwers can sometimes lack precision, which can be used to the player's advantage if there is a lot of cannibal nearby.

There is an even rarer but deadly variant called the dynamite cannibal, carrying and throwing dynamite sticks.

Fire Thrower Combat[edit | edit source]

This cannibal should be killed in priority during an attack as it can ignite trees and cause damage to the player's base. One strategy is to rush in and kill them via melee weapon. Keeping close quarters will prevent the Fire thrower from launching projectiles at the player.

Ranged weapons, as well as Fire Arrows are also effective, though explosives and flare shots might be better saved for stronger opponents.

Fire Thrower Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In previous versions of the game, Fire throwers were immune to fire.

Fire Thrower Gallery[edit | edit source]

Dynamite Thrower[edit | edit source]

A hostile Dynamite Mutant

These mutants can be easily spotted; they are very orange in color and carry a stick of dynamite and a flaming stick. They have on decorative shoulder pieces, a loincloth, eyeliner, and sometimes warpaint. Dynamite Mutants are bald and barefoot (like any other mutant).

Unless you are scouting out the surrounding territory, you will usually never see these mutants coming. Say, if you were in your base/fort, they would make their entrance by throwing a stick of dynamite and blowing up you and the surrounding structures. When spotted, they will usually attempt to hit you with their flaming stick. If you are far enough away, they may light their dynamite and throw it at your location. These mutants rarely flee and come in groups of 2-4. They are as aggressive as night patrols, so be on your guard when you've killed many mutants. If you get hit by the blast, it will knock you down and take out about 1/8 of your health. It is possible to get them to kill other mutants by standing beside one while they throw dynamite at you. It is best to kill these mutants before any others, as they are very dangerous and may blow up you or your base.