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Also known as
Video Tape Player
Added in
Item type
Cave 6 (the "Lawyer's Cave")
The Forest Map
Obtained through
Other Effects
Allows players to watch Camcorder Tapes
Max. Stack
Used by
Camcorder Tapes
Used to make
Camcorder Tapes

The camcorder is a handheld VCR used to play back the various videocassette tapes related to the main storyline. It appears to be an early-2000s model judging by the form factor and the red "HD" tag on the case. It likely belonged to a Sahara employee, possibly Dr. Cross or Karl Peterson (the owner of the keycard).

Location[edit | edit source]

It can be found at the mass grave inside Cave 6 (the "Lawyer's Cave") [1], alongside the keycard. It was originally not in the PS4 version but was added in a later update.

Tapes[edit | edit source]

As of v0.65b, there are 6 tapes that can be found throughout the caves. They are short clips with audio, and appear to be in extremely low quality monochrome for stylistic reasons (their real counterparts were capable of storing much more video at higher quality). They also appear to be worn/damaged, either from repeated playback or rough handling by the cannibals.

All video tapes can be viewed in this video:

# Label Description Location Screenshot
1 Megan's Arrival A dark-haired young girl looks out the window of a helicopter as it approaches a large man-made structure. Cave 6, mass grave IconTheForestMap.png Megans Arrival Preview.png
2 Lunch with Megan The camera pans through a cafeteria onto a dark-haired young girl in a hospital wheelchair. She gives a slight wave. Cave 6, dead lawyers room IconTheForestMap.png Lunch with Megan Preview.png
3 Opening the artifact You can see many men standing around the Artifact and opening Artifact. You can see that it is covered with many sharp spikes. Cave 9, At the rope in the gap at the big hole IconTheForestMap.png Opening the Artifact Preview.png
4 Side Effects Child shaking violent on the bed as two scientists or doctors observe Cave 7, deep in the cave, find the planks with two mutants behind, swim across the waterIconTheForestMap.png Side Effects Preview.png
5 Armsy Breakout Megan is being pushed in her wheelchair up to an observatory room where a Armsy is becoming erratic. The Armsy then breaks out through the glass windows, assumingly killing everyone who was in the footage. Megans wheelchair is knock over, only the chair can be seen along with the Armsy still screaming IconTheForestMap.png Armsy Outbreak Preview.png
6 Second Artifact Test The Artifact's 'EMP' is tested whilst scientists observe. This is the same as the ending. IconTheForestMap.png Second Artifact Test Preview.png

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v1.06 Fixed camcorder videos not playing correctly on 32bit machines
v1.0 Rewind icon turns off immediately when stashing camcorder to prevent possible overlap with map icon

Tweaked camcorder, map and walkie icons position

v0.65 (Multiplayer)Fixed camcorder strap clipping into player’s hand
v0.64 6 Camcorder Tapes added to the game
v0.63 Camcorder added to the game