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Added in
Building Type
Attracting Enemies
Light & Warmth source
Buildable on
Almost everything
Will not work in water

Bonfires are large fires and light source buildings that were added in update v0.08 to The Forest.

General[edit | edit source]

The bonfire is one of four types of fires that the player can build. It is currently the largest fire in the game, providing the most light and warmth, but unable to cook food. To prevent fire from being extinguished, you can put additional leaves into it by standing close to fire and pressing the 'C' button. Extinguished bonfires can be re-lit 2 times before they burn out and are destroyed.

Though all fires attract cannibals and mutants during the night, the bonfire is by a very wide margin the best at attracting them, causing droves to approach from a large distance around. Only light a bonfire if you want a fight, as nights are considerably more dangerous while one is lit.

Building[edit | edit source]

Bonfire Leaf Stick Log

Purpose[edit | edit source]

This fire keeps on burning for extended period of time (around 24 hours).

This fire illuminates very large area around itself.

Can be used as a distraction to lure cannibals and mutants into the area.

You can't cook food on the bonfire.

You can throw dead cannibal bodies on the bonfire, where they will burn until their bones are available for use.

You can get rid of cold by standing next to this fire for a moment.

Mutants and the player itself can be lit on fire and start burning by getting too close.

Known bugs[edit | edit source]

  • In some cases it does not provide heat.
  • Cannot be removed once set down.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v1.0 Optimization - buildable lights and fires will now turn off from distance

Player no longer gets stuck igniting lighter when attempting to light fires and structures

Improved look of bonfire flames, and blocked cooking on bonfires. Can now only be used for heat and to attract enemies

New base fire effect. New molotov fire effect. Replaced also player on fire and enemies on fire with new fire effects!

Improved range of fire lights

v0.72 Log cabin,small cabin, gazebo, garden, bonfire, rock side platform, defensive spikes, tree platforms, floor platform, wood target, procedural roof all use new log model/texture type now

Better looking lit bonfire material

v0.66 Fixed bodies ragdolling weirdly if dropped on bonfire
v0.58 Fixed interacting with bonfire with nothing in the right hand
v0.35 Fixed bonfire not lightable after going out of fuel
v0.33 Added dedicated destruction to bonfire (similar to other fires)
v0.29 Fixed bonfire destruction not working
v0.26 Improved accuracy of bonfire collision and its fire damage range
v0.23 New art added: Improved burning log (used for bonfire)

Leaves are now required to build bonfire Improved particle effect for standing fire, fire pit and basic fire and bonfire

v0.22 Defensive spikes, basic wall with window, basic wall with door, Bonfires, Gazeebo and basic stairs now have proper render distances on the max setting
v0.09b (multiplayer) Fixed bug where building a Bonfire/Standing Fire/Fire Pit could cause game to crash
v0.08 Bonfire added to the game
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