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Blocking is a gameplay aspect that is used to prevent damage. To block, hold down the right mouse button while holding an axe, stick, or other acceptable item. Blocking will negate all damage received from enemies, regardless of the angle that the attack comes from (outdated). In earlier versions of the game, blocking protected against all forms of damage, such as burning, poisoning, and falling.

Currently (v0.63), blocking no longer protects from the back or sides and also no longer negates all damage (unless the blocking weapon/tool has a block rating of 10). Weapons with a block rating less than 10 can occasionally block all incoming damage, but the effects are inconsistent and are likely due to a bug. For example, blocking with a plane axe (block rating of 2) will still take (reduced) damage to health. However, in some cases, wearing armor can cause the plane axe to block all incoming damage from the front and the effect persists even after the armor is gone. Further testing is needed.

An extended blocking method is the perfect block. If an attack is blocked at the right time (short time before the attack hits), with just one press of the defend button, the enemy will be pushed away and is more vulnerable to incoming attacks for a few seconds (about x2 the damage; exact data of the multiplier needs further testing). This is most likely used to fight one or maybe two Cannibals at once since you don't block the entire time, just when the opponent hits. In a crowd battle you will be very vulnerable to attacks from multiple Cannibals.

(A perfect block does not work on Mutants in that form that they won't be pushed away!)

Blocking is not possible yet in VR.

Weapons Guide[edit | edit source]

Weapon IconDamageSmall.png IconSpeedSmall.png IconBlockSmall.png IconRangeSmall.png IconStaminaSmall.png IconFeather.png IconTooth.png IconBooze.png IconFireUpgrade.png IconPoison.png IconTheForestMap.png
IconArm.png Arm 8.5 9.5 7.9 /
IconBone.png Bone 2 6.7 3


IconChainsaw.png Chainsaw N/A 0
IconClimbingAxe.png Climbing Axe 2.5 6.4 8 IconTheForestMap.png
IconClub.png Club 10 7.4 11 IconFeather.png IconTooth.png IconBooze.png IconFireUpgrade.png /
IconCraftedAxe.png Crafted Axe 9 7.6 10.9 IconFeather.png IconTooth.png IconBooze.png IconFireUpgrade.png IconPoison.png C
IconCraftedBow.png Crafted Bow N/A N/A 0 IconFireUpgrade.png IconPoison.png C
IconCraftedClub.png Crafted Club 9 7.2 10 IconFeather.png IconTooth.png IconBooze.png IconFireUpgrade.png C
IconFlareGun.png Flare Gun N/A 0 0 IconTheForestMap.png
IconFlintlockPistol.png Flintlock Pistol N/A 0 0 /
IconIncendiarySpear.png Incendiary Spear N/A 10 10 C
IconKatana.png Katana 1 9.4 7 IconPoison.png IconTheForestMap.png
IconLeg.png Leg 4.5 8.8 2.9 /
IconMachete.png Machete 1 6.1 7 IconFeather.png IconTooth.png IconBooze.png IconPoison.png IconTheForestMap.png
IconModernAxe.png Modern Axe 9 8.5 7.9 IconFeather.png IconTooth.png IconBooze.png IconFireUpgrade.png IconPoison.png IconTheForestMap.png
IconModernBow.png Modern Bow N/A 0 0 IconFireUpgrade.png IconPoison.png IconTheForestMap.png
IconPlaneAxe.png Plane Axe 2.5 7.8 8 IconFeather.png IconTooth.png IconBooze.png IconFireUpgrade.png IconPoison.png /
IconRepairTool.png Repair Tool ? 6.0 0 C
IconRustyAxe.png Rusty Axe 10 8.4 9.9 IconFeather.png IconTooth.png IconBooze.png IconFireUpgrade.png IconPoison.png IconTheForestMap.png
IconSlingshot.png Slingshot N/A / 0 C
IconStick.png Stick 5.5 9.2 5 /
IconTennisRacket.png Tennis Racket 5.5 9.1 4 IconFeather.png IconTooth.png IconBooze.png IconTheForestMap.png
IconTurtleShell.png Turtle Shell 10 6.6 9.9 /
IconUpgradedSpear.png Upgraded Spear N/A 10 10 IconPoison.png C
IconUpgradedSpear.png Upgrade Spear - Thrown N/A / 28 IconPoison.png C
IconUpgradedStick.png Upgraded Stick 9 9.2 5 IconFeather.png IconTooth.png IconBooze.png IconFireUpgrade.png C
IconUpgradedRock.png Upgraded Rock N/A 5.5 11.9 IconBooze.png IconFireUpgrade.png C
IconSpear.png Weak Spear N/A 9.8 10 IconFeather.png IconTooth.png IconBooze.png IconPoison.png C
IconSpear.png Weak Spear - Thrown N/A - 28 IconFeather.png IconTooth.png IconBooze.png IconPoison.png C

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v0.72 Fixed player held clubs using wrong block animation

Fixed upgraded rock showing a block value in the inventory tooltip

v0.68 Fixed a case of player able to attack indefinitely while blocking after doing a heavy attack
v0.67 Tennis racquet now uses single arm block animation
v0.65 Fixed block animation getting stuck while interacting with crane and other triggers
v0.63 Fixed player blocks also blocking hits from behind
v0.57 Fixed survival book sometimes not opening properly while blocking and fixed book sometimes opening at wrong screen position when cold
v0.55 Fixed player incorrectly blocking if block is pressed immediately after picking up a spear
v0.41 Fixed being unable to block while jumping
v0.40 Fixed weapon block sometimes getting stuck when using a gamepad
v0.37 Fixed animation issues when picking up small rocks/tennis balls while blocking

Fixed block animation not showing correctly for remote players in MP

(Multiplayer) Fixed blocking animation cutting off for remote players

v0.36 Fixed player grabbing end of burning stick while blocking

Better single armed block pose on player

Fixed anim glitch when transitioning into single arm block

Fixed player block reaction animation sometimes not playing correctly

v0.35 (Audio) Added new sound effect for when player blocks

Fixed blocking animation breaking sitting on bench action

v0.34 Fixed entering cave sometimes breaking if player was blocking while entering

(Audio) Added hit from behind while blocking sfx

v0.33 Fixed lighter clipping through various weapons when blocking

Fixed turtle shell shield not correctly blocking attacks

v0.26d Fixed player sometimes losing armor even when blocking

Reduced overall block damage amount slightly

v0.25 (balance) Rebalanced all weapon speed/damage/block strength

(balance) Blocking with weapons no longer drains stamina

(UI) Added weapon block strength display to inventory item tooltip

v0.14 New item added: Turtle shell! Can be taken from killed beach turtles. May be used in crafting structures or as a makeshift shield to block attacks! (or even as a weapon)
v0.13 Getting hit while blocking now drains more stamina

Block will fail now when hit if you have very low stamina

v0.08b Left hand does not play block animation if using non-stick weapon
v0.02 You can now block attacks with the red plane axe by holding down right mouse button