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Berries are found around The Forest, and can be consumed or grown in gardens. Since v0.12 berries can also be stored in the inventory when a pouch is equipped.

In the survival guide it clearly states the poisonous and the non-poisonous ones. Currently 4 types of berries exist in the game, only 3 of which can be stored in the inventory.

  • Firstly, there are the oval-leaved blueberries or Vaccinium ovalifolium which are edible. Edible berries are a light blue and grow on large oval dark green leaved bushes where they form together in clusters and have a little crown tip on the top.
  • Then, there are the black twinberries or Lonicera involucrata: a kind of berry that when eaten will inflict the poisoned status on the player. The poisonous berries also grow on bushes, however they only cluster together in pairs of two and are a dark, shiny blue almost to the point of black.
  • There are also snowberries or Symphoricarpos microphyllus. These are also poisonous berries, and grow in groups of at least 5. Unfortunately, they are not found in the survival guide yet. They look similar to the blueberries, but have small light green leaves and white berries.
  • Finally there are blackberries, which are black segmented berries on drooping thorny vines, with sparse green leaves in groups of three. These are beneficial berries, and they alleviate both thirst and hunger. These are the only type of berry that cannot be collected in pouches.

The survival guide tells us which Berries to eat, however it is possible to eat the Toxic kind, though with a delayed after effect, the player loses a portion of health. Furthermore the game interacts with the player if the wrong Berries are eaten by playing an 'arrrgh' sound, letting the player know the Berries are toxic. Eating a poisonous berry can result in injury or even death if the players health is low enough.

Note: Twinberries are indeed poisonous, but in an emergency can be eaten to prevent starvation when the hunger gauge is dangerously low, in exchange for a small amount of health per berry.

Edible berries
Poisonous berries
Edible berries (oval-leaved blueberries)
Edible berries (Blackberries)
Poisonous berries (black twinberries)
Poisonous berries (winter berries)