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기본[edit | edit source]

The Basic Fire is one of four types of , that player can build. It can serve as a source of light, warmth and can be used for cooking meat. To prevent fire from being extinguished, you can put additional 나뭇잎 into it by standing close to fire and pressing '단축키 E' button. Extinguished Basic Fire can be re-lit 2 times before it destroys itself and player needs to build another one.

Fire, especially if lit in an open area and during the night, will attract Cannibals and Mutants.

구조물[edit | edit source]

Basic Fire 사용하여 구축:

목적[edit | edit source]

If you equip raw 물고기, 토끼, 도마뱀 or 일반적인 고기 and press '단축키 C' while looking at the fire, it will start cooking, and you can eat it to replenish your 배고픔.

You can get rid of cold status by standing next to fire for a moment.

원주민 and the player itself can get light on fire and start burning, by getting too close.

갤러리[edit | edit source]

기본적인 불
기본적인 굽기
기본적인 점등.