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There are several abandoned camping sites scattered across the Peninsula and in the caves.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

At abandoned camps the player can find multiple items like pills, booze, cash, coins, flares, modern arrows, old pot, suitcases and story items.

Some camps have a basic fire the player can use. In most camps the player can sleep and save in one of the Tents.

Flares and modern arrows can be found in yellow crates.

The player will also find some passengers here.

Occurrence[edit | edit source]

Multiple types of setups are known:

Its assumed that the camps were not all created simultaneously, but rather appear to be from different groups or solo persons coming to the island at different times. There seems to be divers, cavers, hikers, film crews, missionaries, boaters, and more that are implied to have been on the peninsula.

  • Diving camps can be found deep in the caves, in sections only accessible by using the rebreather.
  • Cave climbers/explorers have tents inside the caves as well, along with some tents on the inside wall of the cenote.
  • Hikers/explorers can be found all over the forest topside
  • One film crew has a larger, established film crew camp with modern tents and film equipment scattered around, with scripts for a "Survivor" type program to be found on the ground nearby
  • Missionaries/Christians appear to have come frequently to the island, leaving many crosses with Jesus on them as well as bibles. These missionaries can be found inside and out of the caves.
  • An implied group of people came on the Yacht at some point, leaving one buried nearby on shore, and Matthew with a not-yet understood connection, as he can be seen walking around the boat, though he might just be scavenging for supplies.

Special camps[edit | edit source]

Some camps only exist once or are different to the standard camps and have their own article.

These are:

Tents[edit | edit source]

Tents are found at abandoned camps. Most of them are only there for appearance and to add to the general story, but you can save the game and sleep in some (usually one in each camp). You may often find supplies close by them. They come in two main varieties: modern and old fashioned. It is assumed that they belong to the various visitors who have come to the peninsula, such as the Christian Missionaries, hikers, and cavers.

Modern Tents[edit | edit source]

Modern Tent.png

The modern tents appear to be from recent times, including wire boning and bright, neon colors, along with being made of seemingly waterproof material. They can be found all over the place, including in the middle of forested regions, near cave entrances (such as Cave 10), inside caves (again like in Cave 10), and on beaches. Oftentimes these tents have blood spattered on them or nearby, with their dead inhabitants cut up into pieces and decaying nearby with flies all around.

Old Fashioned Tents[edit | edit source]

Old Tent.png

The old fashioned tents are often dirty grey (perhaps previously white), and appear to be set up with stakes and ropes. These can be most commonly found in and near caves (notably Cave 3's land entrance, Cave 5's "sacrifice" room, Cave 1's cannibal-filled room, Cave 9's sinkhole ledges). They appear to belong to the Christian missionaries, as bibles and crucifixes can often be found nearby. Though blood and dead bodies are not commonly found near these, bones have been seen, again suggesting the age of these tents. In one instance, in Cave 5, there are many dead bodies kneeling in seeming fear to an obelisk drawing on the wall, with these tents nearby. The bodies are mummified by time (or perhaps obelisk-like mythical power), again lending to the notion that these tents are very, very old.

The Virginia Sketch can be found near these old tents deep in Cave 5.

Gallery - Release 1.0[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v1.0 Old caver tents now fade on smoothly and from further away

Blocked building on small prop tents in world

??? Changed Tent model and texture