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This page is meant to keep track of the standards for editing that are used on the wiki to maintain consistency. This page is meant to show how things specifically on The Forest Wiki are done, for formatting and other general editing information, go here.

This page or section is incomplete. More content will be added at a later time.

Page Creation[edit | edit source]

Grammar[edit | edit source]

  • Page titles should be logically capitalized as if they were a title (all important words, excluding of, a, an, in, etc. should be capitalized).
    • Redirects should be made from the page in the form [first capitalized word] [second non-capitalized word] [third ...]... to the fully capitalized version to allow for hyperlinks to be placed in a sentence format.
  • Page titles should be in their singular state for the title, and a redirect should be made from the plural version of them.
    • The redirect page should have the category [[Category:Plural redirects]] added to the bottom of them.

Content Grammar[edit | edit source]

All sentences within a page's content should use proper grammar, and unnecessary capitalizations (except if they are the first words and the title of the page) should be removed.

Sentence Structure[edit | edit source]

  • Sentences

Should be separated by double spacing, and end in a period.

Capitalization[edit | edit source]

  • As mentioned earlier, unnecessary capitalization should be removed.

Content and Order[edit | edit source]