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Saving Hotfix Info *UPDATE 6/4/2014*

6/4/2014 07:54 UPDATE: Save “Hotfix” - alpha v0.01b

The update has just came out! They fixed some other issues a long with the save issue! See change log below!


  • Saving at small shelter now works
  • Fixed issue where camera would spin during plane crash if a controller was plugged in
  • Fixed enemies sometimes disappearing after a few days
  • Improved tree collision
  • Fixed log cabin floating
  • Fixed some leaves not connected to trunk
  • Improved stuttering/performance
  • Removed lights from blue cave creatures
  • Fixed trees vanishing when exiting caves
  • Fixed bug where cave sounds could be heard above ground
  • Spelling mistake on shelter ‘warmth’ in book
  • Improved collision in some cave areas
  • Fixed missing cliff detail texture
  • Ocean shouldn’t loose render texture on start

There was also another update which fixed the problem where inventory items and log holders would disappear after loading the game.

ALSO! Here is the official email address for bug reports and general support: [email protected]

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The Forest is a survival horror open world game being developed by Endnight Games. Information about the current alpha build can be found here.

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