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The Forest is a survival horror open world game being developed by Endnight Games. Information about the current alpha build can be found here.

G2a main.png

*UPDATE 16/9/2014*

Alpha - 0.07

The most recent update includes new animals, new buildings, many bug fixes, new props and an improved gameplay.


  • Rock holder blueprint added
  • Moveable log holder blueprint added
  • Mid sized cabin blueprint added
  • Tree house blueprint added
  • Working door added to custom build doorway
  • New animal added: Tortoise
  • New animal added: Racoons!
  • Animal numbers will go down over time if you kill a lot of them. Will eventually slowly repopulate
  • Different animal types now stay around specific parts of world
  • You can now catch rabbits and place them into the rabbit cage
  • Improved blueprint placement, items will now turn red and be unplaceable if intersecting trees
  • Cave’s now only contain blue skinned enemies and distorted mutants
  • Fixed peaceful mode (was accidentally broken in last update)
  • Fire now scales with amount of fuel
  • Trees will tumble over if burnt now and added new burning material with embers
  • Crafting info pages unlocked in survival book (rough, missing lots of items)
  • Fixed bug where you could sometimes get infinite sticks/rocks in inventory
  • Arrows should now work more effectively against enemies
  • Visible lizard skin armour!


Here is the official email address for bug reports and general support: [email protected]