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A rainbow seen from a beach
A realistic map.
A user-created map of the island. Please note: This map is a Lan user created representation of the map, everything may not be completely accurate. Also keep in mind certain things on the map might be randomly spawned in by the world generation.
View of map from high up.

The Island is the setting of The Forest. Judging by the plants that grow there and the overall weather, it seems like the creators chose a Canadian Boreal Forest as the setting of the game (likely because their development team is centered in Canada), although they haven't yet officially stated where their inspiration could have been derived from.

The Island is also home to mutant cannibals and a variety of wildlife such as birds, lizards, deer and sharks. Beneath the island surface is a system of caves where octopus mutants, spider mutants, and Cowmen live; it is also in these caves where most of the survivors or casualties of the crash were taken. There are also many places around with good loot like an old boat floating in the water, or even the front part of the crashed plane which contains the flare gun.


Cannibal Villages
The Plane
Mountain Area

Layout[edit | edit source]

There is an interactive map of the island, the deep underground cave system and even info of crafting. It can be accessed by clicking here.

In the 0.51 build of the game, there is a slideshow in the Sahara offices that indicates a large loss of funds from the purchase of a peninsula, it can be inferred that the same peninsula is the setting of the game.